publications 2015

Adamantidis A.; Arber, Silvia; Bains, Jaideep S; Bamberg, Ernst; Bonci, Antonello; Buzsáki, György; Cardin, Jessica A; Costa, Rui M; Dan, Yang; Goda, Yukiko; Graybiel, Ann M; Häusser, Michael; Hegemann, Peter; Huguenard, John R; Insel, Thomas R; Janak, Patricia H; Johnston, Daniel; Josselyn, Sheena A;  Koch, Christof; Kreitzer, Anatol C; ... (2015). Optogenetics: 10 years after ChR2 in neurons - views from the community. Nature neuroscience, 18(9), S.1202-1212. Nature America

Gutierrez Herrera, Carolina; Adamantidis, A. (2015). An integrated microprobe for the brain. Nature biotechnology, 33(3), S. 259-260. Nature America

Colby-Milley, Jessica; Cavanagh, Chelsea; Jego, Sonia; Breitner, John C S; Quirion, Rémi; Adamantidis, A. (2015). Sleep-Wake Cycle Dysfunction in the TgCRND8 Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease: From Early to Advanced Pathological Stages. PLoS ONE, 10(6), e0130177. Public Library of Science

Bassetti, Claudio; Ferini-Strambi, L.; Brown, S.; Adamantidis, A.; Benedetti, F.; Bruni, O.; Cajochen, C; Dolenc-Groselj, L.; Ferri, R.; Gais, S.; Huber, R.; Khatami, Ramin; Lammers, G.J.; Luppi, P. H.; Manconi, M.; Nissen, C.; Nobili, L.; Peugneux, P.; Pollmächter, T.; Randerath, W.; ... (2015). Neurology and psychiatry: waking up to opportunities of sleep.: State of the art and clinical/research priorities for the next decade. European journal of neurology, 22(10), S. 1337-1354. Blackwell Science

Adamantidis, A. (2015). Modern neurosciences: with or without optogenetics? médecine / sciences, 31(3), S. 231-232 EDP Sciences

Adamantidis, A. (2015). Sleep: the sound of a local alarm clock. Current Biology, 25(1), R49-R51. Cell Press


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