publications 2012

Schöne, C., Cao, Z.F.H., Apergis-Schoute, J., Adamantidis, A., Sakurai, T., and Burdakov, D. Optogenetic probing of fast glutamatergic transmission from hypocretin/orexin to histamine neurons in situ. J. Neurosci.32, 12437–12443. (2012).

Sherwood, A., Wosiski-Kuhn, M., Nguyen, T., Holland, P.C., Lakaye, B., Adamantidis, A., and Johnson, A.W. The role of melanin-concentrating hormone in conditioned reward learning. Eur. J. Neurosci.36, 3126–3133. (2012).

de Lecea, L., Carter, M.E., and Adamantidis, A. Shining Light on Wakefulness and Arousal. Biol.


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