publications 2016

Sclafani, Anthony, Adamantidis, A.; Ackroff, Karen (2016). MCH receptor deletion does not impair glucose-conditioned flavor preferences in mice. Physiology & behavior, 163, S. 239-244. Elsevier

Kassiri, Hossein; Chemparathy, Aditi; Salam, M Tariqus; Boyce, Richard; Adamantidis A.; Genov, Roman (2016). Electronic Sleep Stage Classifiers: A Survey and VLSI Design Methodology. IEEE transactions on biomedical circuits and systems, 11(1), S. 1-12. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE

Boyce, Richard; Glasgow, Stephen D; Williams, Sylvain; Adamantidis, A. (2016). Causal evidence for the role of REM sleep theta rhythm in contextual meomory consolidation. Science, 352(6287), S. 812-816. American Associaton for the Advancement of Science

Gutierrez Herrera, Carolina; Cadvieco, Marta Carus; Jego, Sonia; Ponomarenko, Alexey; Korotkova, Tatiana; Adamantidis, A. (2016) Hypothalamic feedforward inhibition of thalamocortical network controls arousal and consciousness. Nature neuroscience, 19(2), S. 290-298. Nature America

González, J Antonio; Iordanidou, Panagiota; Strom, Molly; Adamantidis, A.; Burdakov, Denis (2016). Awake dynamics and brain-wide direct inputs of hypthalamic MCH and orexin networks. Nature communications, 7(11395), S. 11395. Nature Publishing Group


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